Friday, July 13, 2012

Fuhh. Its been a month plus i'm already married to Ali. I know. This blog is supposed to be my prep but apparently tak terkejar nak update. So i think, lets back track at least in the future i still have some memories to refer. Kiranya maybe in the next 20 years, i come back to this blog and gelak sendirian mengenangkan my wedding moments.

To cut short, alhamdulillah everything went well. It was all pretty and perfect in my eyes. From doorgifts to honeymoon. Its all perfecto.

Will share with you bit by bit. Cant wait!

Oh just to share, this is my wedding badge during my reception. I like it so much!

Happy Girl

im a happy girl

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

24 days

Yes. The time fly really fast. Never thought went i decided to blog about wedding, time will run this fast. Are they on steroid or what??

Alhamdulillah, my preparation are more less sorted. Not like the previous post where i thought i have sort it out but apparently it was not. From paperworks, to catering and such, so far most of it has been arranged.

To ask me what do i feel, I'm nervous and Excited at the same time. Believe it or not, I'm going to say goodbye to my single status in just 576 hours (or less). There are times, I look forward and get freak out thinking about the future. There are times, i look back and recall all those happy + sad + crush + joy moments that I had back then. From ex-es, to friends, to work and all. Those memories made who I am today.

All I'm hoping that I'll be a good person, wife, bestfriend, mother, in laws to the new life that I'm entering to. I know who exactly I am, and to once decide to take the next step of life, I'm must prioritize what's important and what's not. I did share with Ali, what if I fail? All that he can say, its we who decide to make it happen or not. Its true of what he said. We choose to be happy, we choose to be sad, we choose to be angry and we choose to be loved. 

I pray that everything that was planned will go as it is, Insya'allah.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

60 Days. Should I freak Out?

Base on my wedding sherpa apps in iphone, it is stated i have 60 days left for my wedding. Oh my. That fast?

I'm not very sure should i freak out or not. Am i in track? Is there anything that i miss out? That question keep popping out each time at anywhere and anytime. I kinda felt that i'm more less sorted out but i'm not too sure. I wonder what happen to the check list that i carry all the time. Or this is just nervous break.

Okok. Just to sedapkan hati. Lets type and repeat just to make things right.

Date - 2nd and 3rd June 2012 -done
Forms/Application - teeeet! tak siap lagi. awal-awal lagi dah KANTOI!
Venue - Nikah (Home, TTDI) and Sanding (Restoran Sri Melayu) -done
Venue Payment - First and Second payment paid - done 
Venue Payment - Third payment

Invitation Card - Still in process, should receive this week
Doorgift - Mighty Mama have completed the decoration process. Just left to fill in
Doorgift Box - Orderd but not yet bank in deposit
Baju Nikah - Send to Salikin Sidek. Fitting belum lagi
Baju Sanding - Send to Salikin Sidek jugak tapi belum fitting lagi
Make Up - Deposit to Syed and Tiar Completed. Sediakan ongkos balance sahaja
Photographer - Deposit to Lokhman Hakim Photography paid. Balance payment tinggal
Pelamin Nikah - MAYDAY MAYDAY. Belum jmpe Raja Sani lagi. Haih. X discuss concept apa lagi ni.
Hantaran - Settle 6/9. Tinggal Gadgets, Halwa Betiks, and ??. Eh apa nak bagi niiiih??
Caterer for nikah - Blom lagi
Khemah for nikah - Belum jugak
Yassin for nikah - Belum lagi
Photobooth - Ingat nak mntak Chenta Weddings buatkan, tapi x tau brape pulak si Sarah charge

AAAAAHHH. ok x sanggup nak teruskan. Banyaknya tak siap lagi. Ok. Sophia!!! u only have 2 months to go!!! Sempat ke ni???

Thursday, February 23, 2012

100 days

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MUA - Sue Cantik

makeup. ada apa dengan make-up?

for me make-up is very very important. im the type yang very basic in make up. no foundation, no concealer, no loose powder and etc. for me, the best i can go is with eyeliner, mascara, blusher and lip gloss. itu pon dah habis rajin la tuh. maka, nanti during my big day, of course i wanna look extra pretty.therefore, u need to enroll the right person to do your make-up. sometimes, cara mua (make-up artist) ni x kena dengan kita. sometimes jadi berbelak whereby tona warna tidak sama.

there are many mua in kl itself. literally memang many. its just that u have to choose, and if u can, go for make-up testing, or redha je dengan the mua. i would advise, for whatever reasons, try to do some research on the mua experience before u start confirming with them.

i know few that is superb in this area and definitely when i type this name, you guys will definitely know it. remember my previous post about photographer where my i have attach my senior wedding, name marissa, her make up was done by sue cantik and one of the famous blogger, yuyu from when he proposed, i said yes, pon amik dari sue cantik. awesome kan!

Friday, December 30, 2011


A picture worth a thousands words. Its true. Through a picture, it can tell the whole story behind it. And through picture, our memories are kept to be the most valuable elements in our own life. Chewah. Interpretation pasal photographer, berbunga2 ayat. But it is true about pictures. Itulah yang akan jadi kenangan yang akan di selak berjuta kali akan datang selepas berkahwin. Y do i say that? Sampai ke tua lah this pictures we will see and argue and laugh about.

Therefore, you need to choose the right photographer that suits ur need, ur style, and ur budget. Ooooohhhh...(maaf fiance saya dtg mengacau tatkala saya menemankan die bekerja di pavillion event dome ini sambil lagu boyz II Men berkumandang). Ok back to the story. Nowadays, our photographer are very creative and their vision of seeing things are different. Way back time, taking wedding pictures is just to make sure the view is centre and a little bit of scenery. Sebab itu gamba org dolu2, bawah pokok pisang pon jadi.

Now, its the technique and editing that makes it beautiful. The caught in act action or candid are one of the sincere shots that the bride or groom will love as it represents who they are. No need to pretend. And these photographers will make miracle on the shots that they will take. They will do the editing and make ur wedding the most beautiful ever, hinggakan wedding Kate Middleton pon kalah. Haha.

In Malaysia itself, mmg ramai photographers yang berbakat. To name a few yang famous are Danial Zain, Udey &; Mukhriz, Bak Hafiz, Fad Manaf, Candid Syndrome, Avicenna and many more. My good friend pon is a great photographer. His name is Lokhman from Cubic Foto. Excellent weyh! Their outcome mmg superb. Cume sediakan ongkosnya. So herewith i attach few pictures by this wonderful photographer. Nanti later2 i'll share about my OP alright!